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Once upon the time,a Yellow Wizard lived peacefully in a cave.
One day two armies choose the plains where the cave is to have their battle.
You play as the wizard who tries to conclude the battle as soon as possible by killing one of two armies commanders.
use the changing shape spell to let the armies attack each other
you want ultimately to kill one of the commanders (They look like those in the main menu)
but they are heavy guarded and you can't attack .So you should employ one army's troops on the another until you kill one of the commanders.
don't change your shape nearby other soldiers
(see the yellow ring)

the more the soldiers that you lead kill the more closer you get to be promoted.
when promoted you get to have more followers under your command and you get a larger circle of influence (how far should you be from a soldier before he respond to your "follow me" command)
Attempting to issue a follow me command to those higher than you in rank will make you lose as they will discover you.
If you disguised as one army color , getting near the other army will result in their soldiers attacking you , you have a limited health so be careful.
On the other hand when you are close to your soldiers they get a boost and become more probable to kill than being killed
so be close to your soldiers but be careful of the enemy soldiers if your soldiers all died.
Hope you like the game , and sorry for the long introduction

Controls :

Use WASD to move

Press 1,2 ,or 3 to change shape

Press Z to command nearby soldier of your same color to follow me.

Press X to command the soldiers following you to halt.

Press C to command the soldiers following you to attack nearby enemies


P.S. This game was a submission to the 35th Ludum Dare. The theme was Shapeshift

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